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Anonymous whispered:   ugh how do people even ship dramione??????

let me tell you something

personally, i think that these two are very cute together. i know that some people argument like “they hated each other” and stuff like that but exactly that is what makes me like this ship.
these big differences between them and how they feel about each other in canon makes it interesting for me and i love it when i read a fic and it slowly shows how they learn to accept each other and finally even get together.

i don’t like it at all when draco and hermione suddenly decide to do the frickle frackle without any logical explanation in a fic. i want it to be as in-character as possible and i mostly read fics that take place like 5 to 10 years after the final battle because that makes it kinda plausible that hermione more or less forgave draco (bc i can really see that, it kinda fits her personality in my opinion) and/or he finally learned that muggleborns aren’t worth less than purebloods etc. i also really think that after the final battle he distanced himself from these ideas because he was shown what it can cause

even if it’s not exactly said in the books, i can also see draco being kinda similar to hermione (don’t get me wrong, i know that they are pretty different). i love the idea of draco also loving books as much as hermione does and i have this little headcanon that after the final battle draco started reading muggle books (so classics and children books and stuff like that) and really liking them. draco is also very smart, just as hermione. not like hermione being a know-it-all (she really is, cmon) but just being intelligent and good at school and stuff.

actually i could go on with a very very long list of headcanons of mine that could be actually true (so they don’t contradict the canon) but tbh i don’t want to do that now. it’s late and i know that i probably won’t make you like dramione with this stuff i’ve already written and i could write here now. i just want you to understand why i ship it since i really hate it when people hate on a ship (yes i’m gonna take your question as slight hate) and don’t even try to understand why people like this particular ship.

so yeah i hope this answers your question sufficiently. have a nice day

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